Beret | Coat | Mock Neck (similar) | Scarf | Jeans | Heels

Everything is a-ok when wearing a beret! Over the last few years I've seen these simple French caps pop up on my timeline, and it makes me smile. I was first introduced to berets at age 4 or 5. My father went to France for a work trip and brought me home one as a souvenir. I recall it having an embroidered Eiffel Tower on it, which contrasted beautifully against the black wool. It was much too big for me at the time, but little did I know I'd enjoy wearing them as an adult!

While this winter outfit is composed of basic staples- jeans, mock neck, scarf, etc; it gives me a very "smart" chic style vibe. I felt elegant and poised with the pops of red and classic shapes. The beret plus the kitten heels played to my love of vintage elements in modern pieces, as well. (Both absolute steals from Amazon!) And of course I had to sport my new favorite coat with this outfit. (If you follow me on Instagram, you'll understand how frequently this coat appears!)

Oh how I love dressing for winter! It truly is my favorite time of year to style for with some many classy pieces, like berets! With a necessity to layer paired with a stunning rich color palette against a grey terrain- I can't get enough. The fun I have with winter fashion certainly makes up for how quickly it can get old after the holidays. While Christmas may have passed, onward to Valentine's Day. This would make a great outfit for that day, don't you think?


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