DIY Chunky Knit Blanket

Eep!! I'm so excited to finally share this tutorial with you all! Since the inception of this blog, I have shared DIYs off and on; however this has got to be my favorite. This hand knit project will surely become a favorite for you or a friend, as well.

With it still being winter, there's no better time to make all the cozy things and get some serious knitting done. This DIY is both budget and beginner friendly, too! In this video, I break down how to make this plush chunky knit blanket for under $30 and in under an hour and a half.

P.S. I would write out the steps; however I think I'd confuse you and myself in the process haha Since getting back into knitting, I have definitely found watching videos to be the most helpful. Pairing the audio with the visual is the best way for beginnings to learn this skill. Enjoy!


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