On My Radar

As of late, I have been making an effort to reflect on what I'm grateful for and what sparks joy in my life. If I'm honest, this is a challenge for me at the moment, as life has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Between family emergencies that have popped up, personal matters, curveballs, and perhaps just feeling the annual end-of-season winter blues; this is my attempt to push past the negative. My mantra lately is "I am responsible for my own happiness and I control how I let circumstances affect me." While there is a fair amount out my hands, keeping a sense of control and measure is relieving.

The Little Book of Hygge
This is a lovely little read. If you are looking for a calming read before bed, I'd recommend this book. It's all about living a happier life, so especially if you're feeling a bit down like myself, this book comes in handy!

Mamma Mia
This musical, much the like movie, is so cheery! I just saw this musical for the first time at a local theatre recently. It did not disappoint! It was such a fun production to watch, and makes me miss my theatre days. I couldn't help but internally sing along and shimmy a bit in my seat. The movie is one of my faves, and go-to's when in need of a happy flick, so I'm glad the musical form lived up to this storyline. Have you seen this musical?

These delicate French cookies fuel the soul with all the happy and light ~feels.~ After work a day, I stopped by downtown Portsmouth and popped into my favorite French bakery to pick up a few macarons. I opted for vanilla, chocolate raspberry, coffee, and rose. I can't help but smile and feel fancy when I bite into one of these petite treats!

Leading into spring, I have just had the urge to work with lightweight textiles for projects. I gravitate towards the aisles and aisles of fabric in a given craft store and end up walking around with stacked bundles of fabrics in different patterns and materials.

For me, fabrics are the new paint swatches. This meaning I just want to accumulate all the pretty things I see regardless of the purpose. Does/did anyone else go to home improvement stores and leave with a bunch of paint swatches? I used to do this all the time as a kid just because I appreciated the array of shades available and daydreamed of projects I could apply them to. A simple joy!

Spring Strolls
I am longing to take aimless evening strolls this spring. There's nothing like getting a bit of fresh air and surrounding yourself with nature and your community's beauty. Portsmouth will always be the perfect setting for this for me. Pictured above is the charming Moffatt Ladd house, and that is but one beauty in town. I cherish stepping out of my own space to appreciate my surroundings.

What's been on your radar lately?