DIY Knotted Headband

Knotted headbands have been popping up everywhere throughout fall and winter, and it seems like spring is no exception... and I'm obsessed! As we swap out heavier materials from the cooler months, we make way for lightweight fabrics to fill the space. One of my favorites lately is this gingham cotton blend found at JoAnn. After making a velvet knotted headband in a video, I just had to whip up one with this pattern for spring and summer. It's a match made in heaven, and an absolute dream for any preppy gal. In case you'd like to make your own, check out this super simple no-sew project!

Hot Glue

1. Begin by measuring out your fabric to 20" x 6" (for inelastic fabrics. 18" for elastic ones). Cut the fabric so the center is the widest part at approximately 6" and it tapers down from there to about 3" on either end. You should be left with this football-esque shape.

2. Tie a knot at the center of the headband. If you prefer a more prominent knot, lightly loosen the knot or stuff with scrap fabric. Be sure you like the placement of the knot before continuing to the next step.

3. Start with one "tail" and overlap the edges of the fabric. Shift and roll the fabric so it tapers in towards the end. The end should be around 1/2" wide. Refrain from making crisp folds to achieve the tapered effect in order to avoid awkward lines on the top of the headband. 

4. Glue down the fabric on top of the headband. Fold the ends up and glue to the inside of the headband. Repeat on the other side. 

For another technique, check out one of my more recent videos!

Happy crafting!


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