Drawing Inspiration from the Newport Mansions

Interior inspiration is never far, so long as one is receptive to it. With an open mind, it's amazing all of the ideas that can manifest. Whenever I visit somewhere, I seem to always take mental notes of pieces that catch my eye and spark interest- even subconsciously. This interest then turns to inspiration to then apply to my own home. While I sadly won't be visiting Newport, RI this holiday season, I was having a little look through old images and reveling in the beauty. The beautiful Gilded Age interiors with the Victorian holiday decor create an unmatched lux festive flare. It is a style that really resonates with me and perhaps unknowingly, I've even incorporating into my home more and more! From the fresh evergreens, to red and gold and blue and white vignettes, it all comes together to create a classic Christmas style. Below are a few pieces that suit this style!

Ginger Jar Ornaments | Candalabera | Bow Tree Topper | Vase | Mirror

Ginger Jars 1 & 2 | Garland | Reindeer | Bottle Brush Trees | Red Ornaments

Poinsettia Platter Spode Set | Bonus: Real Poinsettias & Orange Garland

What is your holiday decor style?