Classic Color Palette for Interiors

The comments and messages I've received recently on TikTok and IG have inspired so much content! Been loving the conversations we've had lately! One question that came up was about classic colors for the home. What sorts of colors would be timeless?

When thinking of this, I naturally looked up one of my favorite historic color palettes by Benjamin Moore. My logic is that historic tones have and continue to withstand the test of time... there's a reason people love them! 

From there I started picking out shades I personally gravitate towards, ones that I've used, and that met a few criteria. When looking for timeless tones I look for a) muted colors, b) earth tones, and c) neutrals. Personally I consider greens and blues to be neutral if they meet the prior two requirements!

Above are some of my favorite picks suited for a range of color schemes. While I like Benjamin Moore's quality, many brands have similar shades, so use whatever your preferred product is! Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Clare paint all offer great quality at ranging price points.

Hope this helps!



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