Pretty in Pink on Nantucket

I'm still in a bit of a daze after my trip to Nantucket. In a good way! We packed our things and went down the other week for our first trip to the island. Hard to believe it was my first time!! I feel like I knew it well from all of the photos, blog posts, and videos I've seen. Regardless, I was still mystified by the familiar yet unknown as soon as I stepped off the ferry. As dreamy as those images are of Nantucket, it is even better in person... and far busier.

We explored the downtown and ventured over to 'Sconset, which was by far my favorite part of the island. It was so calm, serene, and wayyyy more quiet. With hydrangeas dotting the streets, artists posted up at easels throughout, and cedar sided homes galore; it was breathtaking. This little village has made its way onto my list of places I could envision myself living in. Well minus the steep price tag that would come with such a home lol

Adding to the overall dreaminess of this experience, I sported a very comfortable gingham maxi. It was utterly perfect for lots of walking around on a very hot day. A classic summer day in New England lol Wherever I went I received sweet comments from locals and visitors alike complimenting the dress, which of course made me feel so incredibly lovely. Plus, I was twinning with all of the pink hydrangeas in this darling summer dress!  

This dress is around $36 and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It may be the end of summer, but I'm still tempted to snag another one for the price and quality alone. Definite endless summer vibes with this garb!

*sighs* This is exactly where I wanted to spend the dog days of summer. 😍

Hope you're all doing well! xx



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