Best Blogmas Stock Photos

One of the many hidden secrets of blogging are stock photos. Though few of use like to admit using them, many in the community do, and that’s ok! Undoubtedly those who take advantage of this resource understand how worthwhile they are. Photography, especially when attempting to get that perfect shot, can take a lot of time and effort. There’s no shame in turning to an easier route on occasion. When I have a deadline, or lack the ability to take quality photos, stock photos always save the day. If you’re in a cram, are lacking inspo, or just need a break, give stock photos a second look. Here are some perfect ones for this holiday season (that barely look like stock photos)!

All photos from Creative Commons contributors:
CC0 License
✓ Free for personal and commercial use
✓ No attribution required

Which is your favorite photo from the slideshow?



  1. Thanks for sharing this! It will definitely come in handy in the future, if I am ever in a bind with photos! My favorite photo from the slideshow was the red berries shot. My mom always decorates with them this time of year so it truly represents Christmas tradition for me <3
    Grace xx (gracescupoftea)