Recovering From Blogger Burnout

2017 has been an odd year in many ways. Within my personal life I’ve been faced with overcoming mental hurdles more frequently than ever before. But through these experiences I have been met with heightened levels of inspiration. Ironic isn’t it considering I haven’t created much content this year (whoops). Though inspiration has been in surplus, the motivation to actually act on those thoughts has very much been in shortage. As some may call it, I experienced the “blogger burnout.”

I’m quite familiar with little “baby” blogger burnouts that last a couple of weeks, which are evident in my blog archive (honestly everyone needs a break now and again). However never ones that amount to only nine posts in six months. This time around was certainly a first. And though I hope it doesn’t happen again, I will say it gave me an opportunity to grow.

I became burnt out because I am a perfectionist and strive to deliver exceptional work regularly, which is exhausting. Every area of my life from hobbies to work revolves around this sort of creativity and stretching the mind; meaning there isn’t much time to rest and recuperate. Even so, I had no intention of slowing my pace for more than a moment. As it happens, though, I hit a wall and didn’t know how to move past it.

At the beginning of this burnout, not meeting my own self-imposed expectations was probably the biggest hurdle to overcome. It was difficult even listening to what my mind was saying about taking a break, all the while feeling like a failure from not forcing myself to create consistently. With time, the stress and knots that formed from lack of productivity on this front subsided. This gave me the greatest opportunity to rejuvenate and reevaluate many areas of my life, including blogging’s place within it. Given this post, I eventually came to the conclusion that it still has some place. Hooray!

Ultimately content creation, sharing ideas, and connecting is what I love to do. When it’s lacking, like it has been these past few months, I miss it terribly. Now that I’ve determined that, I’m feeling optimistic, inspired, and motivated. Hopefully that will equate to more regular content! Thanks for sticking around!

Have you experienced the blogger burnout? How did you make it through?

Lots of love, 



  1. I have had this before. It was awful as I loved my blog but I had no inspo and ideas. I stopped for a few months but I overcame it. Youtube, other blogs helped me so much!

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  2. This happened to me big time! From the start of 2016, posts just got harder for me to find time for - 2016 had a tragic total of 12 posts. I'm determined to get back to it now :)

    Best of luck for everything :D

    Alice //

  3. I haven't experienced blogger burnout yet but I do have a hard time trying to get the best content and quality possible for my blog. I put a lot of pressure on myself which isn't good.
    I'm glad you are back and I'm looking forward to your new posts :)

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