Red, White, & Blue

It’s hard to believe that it’s already July of 2017. How quickly time flies when you’re having fun! Right around the corner is the Fourth of July, which will surely account for even more good times. In the spirit of independence, myself and mah single ladies will be getting together for the day and evening. Our plans so far a rather nonspecific, as we prefer spontaneity and just “rolling with it;” however we will most likely be finding ourselves at the beach aside the rolling tide during the day. Into the evening we’ll make our way to a local seafood shack, and finish out the night with the standard fireworks show.

Now, I most likely will not be wearing this outfit for the majority of the day, depending out our activities, and will definitely be swapping these heeled sandals for something more practical. However I thought I’d share this festive look for the sake of inspiration. Lately the French style has been inspiring me greatly and seeping into my wardrobe. That is apparent with this look between the basic colors of the navy top and white eyelet skirt, paired with a bold red lip ready to be rocked year-round. This look strikes a nice balance between being classic, while also shouting “‘Merica,” thus making it perfect for the Fourth and even beyond!

What are your plans for the Fourth?


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