Gems of London

I haven’t mentioned this on my blog yet; though it’s been all over my Instagram and Twitter, but mid May/early June I travelled abroad. In a span of two weeks I journeyed out of the USA for the first time, visited six countries, and connected face-to-face with one of my dearest friends that I hadn’t seen in over a year.

At the tail end of our escapades, we stopped in London for two nights before we parted ways and I trekked back to Heathrow Airport. Though I spent a total of about 52 hours in London, I was able to see so much and experience the city beyond the typical tourist scene. These are a few of my favorite gems of London:

Oxford Street
While The Mall may be the most internationally renowned road in London, Oxford Street is certainly up there with it being a central shopping point. This street isn’t a hidden gem per say, but it still affords those who walk along it the chance to experience high street and high-end shopping like a Londoner. Definitely a must-see spot for fellow shop-a-holics.

London Grace
Spontaneously my friend and I thought to get our nails done while in the city. When on holiday, why not go the full 9 yards? With that we took to Google weighing out our salon options. After a solid 30 minutes of contemplating we booked the Hunky Dory gel manicure package at London Grace for later that evening. We went to the one nestled in Leicester Square and it was just darling. As a whole, our appointment was perfect. From the interior of the store, polish selection, sweet staff, sterile tools, AND bar; the reality blew our expectations away. Next time I’m in London, I will certainly stop in again. 

Our only full day in London started early in the AM. To truly kick it off, we needed to start with breakfast. After hopping on the tube and heading to St. Paul’s Cathedral, we made our way across Millennium Bridge to be greeted with grumbling stomachs. As we wandered towards Tower Bridge we noticed a humble establishment on a corner near Shakespeare’s Globe offering a breakfast menu. With our orders pre-picked we made our way up the staircase revealing a wide open antique-chic interior. I ordered a mocha latte and the buttermilk pancakes with yogurt and berries, which arrived on very Anthropologie-esque tableware by a friendly waiter. Being the food and interior lover I am, I was just bubbling to be in such a beautiful restaurant with such a comfortable and home-y atmosphere. Breakfast at Swan was delicious and just what I needed to start a busy day!

Chairs at Hyde Park
These folding chairs litter the parks of London. All across the lawns you’ll find these vintage striped seats sprawled. Admittedly I didn’t actually stop to enjoy the rest and relaxation these have to offer due to time constraints; however I know I would have loved it. I dream of just sitting down at one adjacent to someone I care dearly for. Having a Jane Austen book in hand, bare feet grazing the grass, sun kissing our cheeks, and simply enjoying one and other’s presence in a location stuck in time. That would be the essence of bliss.

Have you been to London? What are your favorite spots?


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  1. Great post! I love visiting Hyde Park in the Summer and that breakfast place looks delicious, I'll have to check it out when I'm next in London x