2020 Vision

As with any year end, it seems like the most appropriate time to reflect and set goals. While I always say anytime is a good time to do so, there's something about going into a new year and decade with that mindset.

2019 was a massive year of change for me. I finished up my last semester of undergrad, graduated from university, moved out of my parents' house, worked in one job full-time, decided I wanted something different and got another full-time job, and now here we are. In all of the shambles and seasons of change, it allowed me to sift through and rediscover what is truly important to me. That being creating and connecting in the most authentic way.

At some point I will do a deep dive into this topic, but in college I feel like I let the pressure of fitting in, and simply fear of the unknown, limit me and influence my habits. This ended up reflecting in places, like my blog and YouTube channel, where I wasn't posting frequently like I had, nor sharing fully what ignites my soul. While I still posted content I care about, it was a fragment of the whole. This was also the case for how I treated my hobbies. I wasn't leaning in fully to my passions and trying to expand my horizons as much. Having settled into a new routine with this freedom to be myself and a strong desire to surmount fear, I feel as though I am better able to lean in and uncover the unknown.

With that, though, comes a necessary level of courage. In order to move forward and create change, one has to embrace the current state and step blindly, but confidently, into the unknown. In turn, this will create a space for one's full potential to develop and flourish. A quote that has resonated with me lately that gives me this courage and a boost of strength is:

"If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place." -Nora Roberts

What this says to me is that we shape our reality. It is within our grasps and control to manifest what we want out of life. We are the lead in our own life's story, so it's crucial to act like it! Change, while scary at times, is a necessary stepping stone, so step intentionally and boldly forward. Most importantly, believe in yourself and your capabilities!

From these lessons in 2019, my vision for 2020 is that it will be a year of daring discovery.

What is your 2020 vision?