Style Steals for Winter

Despite barely being into winter officially, winter wear will be swapped out for spring styles soon. Crazy right?! I've noticed in January/February is when there is a push towards next season's fashion in big-box stores to get people to buy-buy-buy. Here in New Hampshire, at least, we won't be ready for those strappy sandals and floaty tops until well into April (especially if this season is as brutally cold as meteorologists have predicted.) 

Given that we are nearing the "end of the season" in the retail world, there are loads of sales going on at some of my favorite spots. I am snagging pieces here and there to wear throughout the rest of winter, as well as for next year. Purposely, I am opting for timeless pieces that I know will carry over into the future. At some of these places and with some of these tips, I know you'll be able to do the same! Here are some of my favorite places to shop for these winter style steals:

Red Cowl Neck Sweater from Goodwill 
Originally retailed for $70
Purchased for $6

Cable Knit Sweater from Goodwill
Originally retailed for $80+
Purchase for $8

Striped Top from Goodwill 
(Can't wait to wear this in the summer with white jeans & boat shoes!)
Originally retailed for $35
Purchased for $6
Secondhand Stores
From Goodwill, Salvation Army, consignment shops, and beyond; I really want to highlight this option. Throughout 2019, I have become more aware of my purchasing habits and how spending my dollars has an impact beyond a business' bottomline. By shopping secondhand, this directly affects the environment in a positive way. By reusing already made products that have a long lifespan left to them, we as consumers are not feeding into complex mass-design and distribution of the fashion industry (aka fast-fashion) and it's propensity to promote fast-throwaway of items into landfills. 

I highly encourage everyone to learn more about fast-fashion, companies' predatory nature towards consumers, and the ethics (or lack of) behind clothing and certain brands. A staggering amount of companies condone unethical behavior down their supply chain and don't practice Fair Trade. Just food for thought. It is also important to identify that there is privilege to being able to selectively purchase ethically sourced fashion (it can be quite expensive!) Regardless, buying secondhand provides a better impact on the environment and your wallet! It's a win-win!

Tip: Purchasing after big holidays, such as Christmas, reaps A LOT of good finds at secondhand stores. Donations of "old" clothes, and even new, are made around this time, since everyone wants to make space in their homes. Shop around at a few and I'm sure you'll find some classic stylish pieces! Check out local mom and pop consignment shops to not only help a local business, but also snag those deals!

Tartan Top
Originally retailed for $69.50
Purchased for $13.99
J. Crew Factory
In general, shopping at outlets often constitutes a bargain. Places, like J. Crew, offer high quality clothing that have a timeless look. They also tend to have reoccurring styles year to year, so if you buy something this winter, chances are it'll still be "in" next year! In case you're wondering, too, the J. Crew Group appears to be working towards Fair Trade. I love this brand and their style, so of course that is icing on the cake! Sales are up to 60% off for regularly priced items and up to 70% for clearance right now.

Red Sweater from J. Crew Factory
Originally retailed for $69.50
Purchased for $15.99

Fair Isle Sweater from Talbots Outlet (similar one linked)
Originally retailed for $59
Purchased for $19.99

(Not pictured) Fair Isle Sweater from J. Crew Factory
Originally retailed for $74.50
Purchased for $21

Scalloped Flats from J. Crew Factory
Originally retailed for $98
Purchased for $21.99

Talbots is another one of those stores that has high quality classic pieces. Their outlet stores seem to always have good deals going on. Right now is their Red Hanger Sale and many items are 40% off.

Online, LOFT is having a sale, as well. Items are anywhere from 50%-70% off depending on the style. This store is one of my go-to's to shop for pieces that will last a long time.

Red Fleece Collection by Brooks Brothers
For more preppy finds, check out Red Fleece. I've been eyeing some of their sweaters and jackets. Their semi-annual sale is happen now with items up to 50% off!

Where are your favorite places to shop style steals?