6 Craft Kits To Try

Like many, I am in a weird state of mind. With everything happening around, life just seems to be in a bit of a whirlwind, but equally things are so still. Here in NH we are in a state of sitting and waiting. I have a strong sense of uncertainty weighing me down paired with a heavy heart for everyone impacted by the current events facing our world. I want to take a moment to  acknowledge this and these, at times, overwhelming and draining emotions that come along with it. Even so, I want to focus on sharing a way that's massively helped me combat these feelings- crafting! 

While not for everyone and everyone has their own coping mechanisms, creating is and always will be one of the most effective ways for me to channel any type of energy. It is a wonderful and productive outlet, and in some instances, a distraction. In case you're in need of that and a little bit of light and creativity, have a look at these craft kits that can be ordered online!

Photo found on Let's Make Art. I do not own the rights to this photo.
I am such a big fan of this brand. Ever since one of my former managers gifted me 3 months of subscription boxes, I've been hooked. They provide such wonderful tutorials and materials ideal for beginner and intermediate painters. On top of that, they have built such lovely community of creators and it's been an absolute joy connecting with people. Highly recommend their kits!

Photo found on Needlepoint's site. I do not own the rights to this photo.

This timeless hobby is the perfect activity to get wrapped up in. If you're anything like me, you may find the repetitive motion to be quite relaxing. With each stitch you see your project come together, which is so satisfying. Admittedly this is a pricier hobby, but there are so many resources online to take advantage of if you'd like to give this a go!

Photo found on Amazon. I do not own the rights to this photo.
Did anyone else do these all the time as a kid?! Turns out, there are ones out there for adults. Rather than painting rainbows and unicorns, you could end up with a really lovely piece to hang up in your home. Big fan of the look of this sunflower one.
Photo found on Etsy. I do not own the rights to this photo.
Concrete Planter
There's nothing like surrounding yourself with plants to make your space feel more lively and vibrant. Have some fun, get a little messy, and make your plant a little home!

Photo found on Etsy. I do not own the rights to this photo.
I'm all about adding texture to a space and macrame is a great way to do so! Textiles, like rope, can be used in a number of ways, like the adorable coasters above. This kit is perfect for the bohemian or coastal lovin' gal or guy! Plus, it's another great activity if you enjoy repetitive soothing tasks.

Photo found on Etsy. I do not own the rights to this photo.
Earring Painting Kit
This kit is honestly so cool! I am sooooo tempted to buy it... not that I should be buying more crafts, but c'est la vie. That's what happens when you love to create! The paint colors are very bright and fun, and surely could create loads of beautiful designs. Honestly, there's nothing better than a wearable/everyday project!

Would you try any of these kits?