DIY Daisy Espadrilles

Oopsy daisy! Did another DIY project. This craft is perfect for all embroidery enthusiasts regardless of experience. As a beginner myself, I am so please with how they turned out. These two stitches are so simple and really add a bit of pizzazz to a summery pair of cloth or canvas shoes.

White & yellow embroidery thread**
Embroidery needle

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1. Begin by sketching out your design. I opted for daisies with 6 petals and drew out the lines accordingly. I found working from the center out to be the best method to keep the design well balanced and even. Duplicate the same pattern on the second shoe as if it's a mirrored image.

2. Thread that needle and start stitching!

Stitch #1
Start on the back side of the cloth and push the needle through towards the center of the flower sketch. Ever so slightly to the left of the starting point, thread the needle back through leaving a loop. At the top of the line, bring the needle through catching the loop. Pull it through. Insert the needle back into the cloth on the opposite side of the thread close to that third point and pull through securing that petal in place. Repeat this process on each line or where you’d like each petal to be. 

Stitch #2
With the yellow thread, thread it through the back of the cloth to the front. Towards the based of the thread, wrap it around the needle 2-3 times depending on the size knot needed for the center. Wrap clockwise and be sure to keep the thread taunt enough that the thread won’t slide off, but loose enough to pull the needle through. Insert the needle back into the fabric almost in the same hole as the starting point and slowly pull through keeping enough tension on the thread to create a clean knot. Repeat until each daisy is complete. 

Voila- some adorably embroidered espadrilles for summer!


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