Top 10 Weekly Favorites | Bedroom Decor


It's been a while since I've shared a favorites post- monthly, weekly, or other! There's just something about these posts that are fun to compile, but also consume from favorite bloggers. I know for many years I always looked forward to monthly favorite posts and videos from creators, like Zoe Sugg, Louise Pentland, and basically the entirety for the British YouTuber crew. I've always viewed these sorts of posts as concoctions of life's simple joys. Sure "things" don't bring happiness, but what sparks joy, even if it's a simple jar is surely worth reflecting on, right?

Some of these items I have, while others are sitting in my cart or wishlist. They are so beautiful... even the trashcan lol!! I for one am a lover of beautiful things, and each of these items are just that. As such they've made it to my weekly roundup of favorites!

Wood & Linen Headboard | Green Headboard | Set of 6 Prints | Quilt

Faux Flowers | Floral Pillow | Green Pillows | Trashcan | Tissue Box | Ginger Jar



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