Physicians Formula: Two additions to my everyday makeup routine

It wasn't until recently that I've been using a bronzer and highlighter for an everyday natural look. I saw the use of those products as two extra steps that I didn't need, nor would they look quite right on any given day. Regarding the highlighter, I would use a slightly shimmery nude or white shadow on my brow bone, but neglected the other sections of my face that could use a little extra light. Bronzer was one of those products I avoided because being the oh so fair woman that I am, no matter the blending skill used, there was too much of a contrast happening for a casual kind of day.

However I had a change of heart and have decided to add the two seconds it takes to highlight into my daily regime, as well as bronzing. After searching high and low for a bronzer, I've found the perfect shade for my everyday routine. Both of these products also happen to be from a brand I've been eying every time I walk past that particular display at Walmart. This company's use of marketing shades as "translucent" drew me to giving them a chance in hopes to find products that would compliment my skin tone rather than clearly look unnatural.

At first glance, this product looks clean and classy. From the simple silver package to decorative pearl, the Physicians Formula highlighter looks to be one that would be high end. Despite its sleek appearance, the price did not reflect that notion. This gem was $13.95! Since I purchased it over a month ago, I've been using it practically everyday because I've been pleased with it that much. I would say given the quality and also the amount of product given, this purchase was a sure bang for my buck.

As with any decent highlighter, it adds a nice shimmer- not too much and not too little. With the thin contouring brush given (though I opt for just using my fingers), this product goes on easily with very light coverage; however it is buildable. It's great for bringing a hint of light to all the right areas or when you need that extra shine for a night out. 

This highlighter lasts for hours on end. It is weightless and smooth. Having sensitive skin can make me a bit hesitant to try new face products, but I was not left regretting the use of this. It did not make me break out, look oily, or anything of that nature. Physicians Formula highlighter gives dimension to my face and really completes a lovely soft everyday makeup look. 

This product isn't technically a bronzer, rather a powder that evens and corrects skin; however it's great for both. I've only ever tried it once as a powder, and it worked well, but I prefer using the darker tiles as a bronzer. It is the perfect shade for natural looking definition.  I no longer have to worry about having an orange-y finish!

Under the pretty mosaic pattern is a powder press sponge to make for easy application; however I use my Real Techniques contouring brush. Either way, this product goes on easily for a fine weightless finish.

As with the highlighter, this does not trouble my finicky skin. It is buildable for a darker contour. This powder also stays on for hours. The container is filled with a good amount of product for $13.95, too. It has been a great addition to my daily routine! 

So far I'm thoroughly impressed with this brand. I definitely recommend these products for sensitive skin and/or if you're looking for a natural yet glamorous look. Five stars to Physicians Formula!!

Have you tried either of these products? What's your favourite highlighter and bronzer?



  1. Hello from Spain: great advice. Fabulous makeup products. Keep in touch

  2. I absolutely love buying makeup when it has a pretty pattern on it and its packaged well, and I am wishing that they did those in England! The bronzer/powder looks lovely and it would be great for my skin - i am quite pale...overall really lovely products and great informative post! :) x

  3. heya!
    thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, I've just started out so it means a lot too me!
    i love you blog so much, it's so gorgeous!

    new follower for sure!
    Fiona-Sarah x

  4. These products where recently launched in South Africa and I have a really fair complexion and I'm petrified at contouring, maybe I should give these a go as well :)
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