DIY Pinecone Wreath

I'm so excited to share this DIY with you all! Pinecones seem to be one of the many holiday decor trends this season. From Target to Pottery Barn, pinecones are popping up on everything! This wreath is inspired by a $99 one from Pottery Barn. While theirs is gorgeous, right when I saw it, I knew I could DIY it... for much less. And luckily it's super simple, too!

1. Begin by hot glueing the smaller pinecones to the inner section of the wreath. Let dry.

2. Glue medium sized pinecones to the middle section. Use an alternating pattern to do so, similar to how bricks are laid, for a tighter and fuller looking wreath. I found glueing them to the inner pinecones helpful to make them point upward rather than out, as well. Once dried, gently flip the wreath upside-down and reenforce with more hot glue.

3. Use the same method above for the outer layer and reenforce on the wire with hot glue. Floral wire would provide extra support, as well.

4. Once dried, dab paint on the petals/scales to create a snowy effect. This doesn't have to be perfect! I applied the paint thickly on the edge, creating a gradient effect about halfway in.


Hope you enjoyed learning how to creative this wonderful winter wreath!