Kate Sculpting Palette | Review

Over the years I’ve found that a fundamental and inherent part of being a makeup lover is a natural draw towards and precedence had for pretty packaging. Ever heard the line to never judge a book by it’s cover? Well chances are if you’re a beauty babe you, perhaps unconsciously, squash that saying with nearly every blind purchase of makeup. And that’s completely acceptable and reasonable really for such a visual medium. When you’re not quite sure how a product will be, the least you can do for yourself is buy something that you're drawn to, is aesthetically appealing, and will only enhance the look of your collection, right? That was my logic when I spotted this palette.

Having been on the hunt for a reasonably priced, compact, all-in-one highlight-contour kit, I was just chuffed to find this one. At the time I purchased this palette, it was unknown to the beauty blogger world. Generally Rimmel London is a solid brand; especially the Kate products, so I went with my gut (and obsession over copper), took a chance, and bought it. And I can't say I'm disappointed with this whim.

Upon looking closer at this kit I not only reveled at the copper detailing and pretty pink blush, which fit in perfectly with my style and decor, but the fact that this drugstore brand came in three color options. Having three tones opens up the door for this product to suit way more skin tones as opposed to only catering to one, like most drugstore brands. Searching for the palest one, I picked up Golden Sands and happily went on my way.

When first using this palette I was head-over heels in love with it. It’s true to color, complimented my skin tone, and just made the whole sculpting scene simplified. Having been exposed to several high end products these last few weeks since purchasing this, specific to sculpting, I will say the quality  seemed to lessen and dull in comparison. For a drugstore and fairly priced product, it’s pretty dang good, though.

The bronzer is the most pigmented in one sweep, followed by the blush, and the highlight lags behind quite a bit. While these all vary in pigmentation, they each are so smooth, feel amazing and weightless on, and certainly aren't a chalky texture. Applying the bronzer is easy and fluid. It blends well and is builadable with a matte finish. The blush is a pretty matte pink perfect for summer. This third takes a bit more building than the bronzer to achieve a noticeably blushed look and takes a bit more to blend to avoid a blotchy cheek. On any given day I would sooner opt for my NARS Orgasm blush, since it glides on so evenly; however this blush isn't bad at all with a bit of elbow grease. As I used the highlight, it became more and more disappointing, though. It really doesn’t do too much for the whole illuminating scene. It isn’t buildable and there’s no gorgeous payout. As I said before, perhaps I’m a bit biased now in favor of higher end products. I was introduced to the BECCA Pressed Highlights the other day and the bar was set pretty high after trying those, so I can’t help but compare. Even compared to other drugstore highlights, like Physicians Formula (read about it in this post), and simply knowing what an illuminator is supposed to do, it misses the mark for this last step of sculpting.

Overall I am pleased with this palette. There is a lot of product that completes three (maybe closer to two) whole steps to attaining a full face look, and all for a very reasonable price ranging from $6.00-$6.50. It is ideal for travel, more subtle looks, and would make for a solid inexpensive alternative to high end products. In all honesty, you can achieve some very pretty looks from this palette and because of that I would consider buying this again. 2/3 of the sub-products are satisfactory according to my standard, so this palette is good in my book! Check out my latest video to see how I used this palette!

Have you tried this palette? What are your go-to products to achieve a sculpted look?


  1. This sounds so lovely, I feel like Rimmel are on of the best brands in the drugstore for offering a fairly varied shade range.

    Coleoftheball xx

    1. Completely agree! They always do a nice job. xx

  2. I tried my mums one and I loved it! I couldn't believe the pigment of the bronzer! I was so shocked! I really love it!
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  3. I almost picked up this palette a few months ago. It does look lovely and I thought the texture of the bronzer (I don't use blush) felt really smooth and non-chalky and overall pleasant but I thought for something so small and limited in terms of you get 1 blush, 1 bronze, 1 highlight, the £6.99 price tag seemed a little expensive for me! I'd rather buy from Makeup Revolution who give loads of options in one palette for that kind of money!

    Amanda Jayne | beauty, style, life

    1. It's pricier in the UK! I wouldn't spend nearly $10 for this knowing what I know now. That's fair; especially if you'd really only be using the bronzer and questionably the highlight. I've yet to try Makeup Revolution, but I'll definitely have to look into them!

  4. I keep seeing this about and I really want to pick it up. Looks perfect for travelling with x

    Gemma Louise

  5. I've never seen this before but I love the shade selection! Will have to pick one up next time :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  6. I haven't tried any of the Kate products. For sculpted looks I only use blush. I like bronzer and highlighters, don't get me wrong, but my make-up routine is quite simple.
    I feel very related to what you say about being drawn to pretty packaging. I could but everything from Benefit and Clinique stands!


  7. too bad the highlighter lacks pigmentation and shine, you should try sleek contour palette, it's amazing!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥