Best Lobster Rolls In New England

For the love of lobster rolls! This post has my heart leaping. As a New England native, I grew up with this summer staple and have learned a thing or two about the places to go to get a good one. Really I can only speak to places in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts because those are the states where I spend most of my time. Luckily it isn't tough to find a good lobstah roll throughout the region!

New Hampshire
This diner is located in Nashua, NH near my stomping ground, which is a bit away from the seacoast. Nevertheless, they have a rockstar award-winning lobster roll! My first lobster roll was one of theirs at the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival years ago. They are generous with their portion size and liberal with their butter. Yum! 

There is nothing quite like a traditional seafood establishment! The Beach Plum, in true New England fashion, is the sort of place you order at a counter. Located in Portsmouth, North Hampton, and Epping; you'll likely see at least one of these while cruising around the main roads in coastal NH. Not only are their lobster rolls great, but their fried pickles are delicious, too! 

Maine is known for their lobster, and many restaurants do not disappoint in this regard. This port-side Portland restaurant is one to stop at! It is a laid-back diner where you'll enjoy good eats and great staff. Their buttery lobster rolls come with crispy fries and fresh slaw- the perfect combo! 

Billy's was an accidental discovery. While many places in Wells and Ogunquit are seasonal, this place is not. (Thankfully!) One early spring day I was in the area with my boyfriend and this restaurant was our saving grace when we kept striking out with closed places. In typical Maine style, the wood paneled walls of this restaurant are adorn with nautical memorabilia and the windows look out onto the marsh. With fresh flavors and ingredients, their roll is a winner along with their chowder!

From the Starboard Galley Restaurant.
Honestly, this is the only place in MA that I've had a lobster roll, but it was a very good one! For my birthday, we went here after a day in Newburyport and Plum Island, and I was so pleased with their lobster roll. What I really like about this one is the freshness that the lettuce and celery-mayo combo adds to the lobster. Their cocktails do not disappoint either. Overall, I had a wonderful experience at this restaurant!

New England is a special place, and equally as special are our traditional dishes, and I love sharing them with you! For more New England lifestyle posts like this, be sure to follow along my blog and YouTube channel

What's your favorite place to get a lobster roll?